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Super Junior Global

A worldwide fan nation

Super Junior Global: it reaches around the world
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All Members , Moderated

S U P E R    J U N I O R    G L O B A L    M O D S
Welcome to SUPER JUNIOR GLOBAL, a world wide fan nation here on livejournal. Members are welcome to post information, pictures, media, anything that relates to Super Junior directly. We do not have that many rules to follow, but please be on topic and be courteous towards other members. We might not all share the same mentality, but we are all fans.

Please remember that this is a community for all 13 members of Super Junior, which means no bashing on anyone. Posting polls is okay to see who has the most fans, but lets all remember that all 13 make up Super Junior, and not a single member is more important than another. All of them are special. ♡
Currently, there are only two mods who oversee this community. Maybe in time, we will need to add more mods, but for now two is enough. If you need to contact us, feel free to do so by leaving us a comment on our journals or by contacting us via our userinfo pages. Contact information is displayed there. Please make sure to state that you are from SJ Global.

- eunhyuk ; Anne
- knockdown ; Karen

R U L E S   
We don't have many rules for this community, but for the few that we have, we expect all members to abide by them.
  • Posts MUST be on topic. No exceptions.
    ↳ On topic posts include news articles, pictures, reports, media, anything that relates to them directly.
    ↳ It doesn't matter if you're posting a request for something, a song, or a live performance, EVERYTHING must be friends locked.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
    ↳ Always give credit and never claim anything as yours unless you've actually done the translation/scan/found the article/etc. People have taken time out of their lives to actually translate/upload/anything for other members, so the least you can do is give credit.
  • Use the correct tags on your entries, with the tags already made for you.
    ↳ It will make looking through the community a lot easier for all the new and old members. If you feel that a tag was not created for what you are posting, let us know and we'll see what we'll do.
  • All media posted here should also be posted on supajunia.
    ↳ Not a must, but you know, it'll be nice to get active communities working together. :D
  • Only media is allowed to be crossposted in this community. Icons and fanfiction are not allowed.
    ↳ That's why sujuites, super_yaoi and miracle______ exist. Let's put them to good use, shall we?
  • Be courteous to each other and the mods.
    ↳ Don't be obnoxious or a smart ass to anyone (especially not to the mods). Everyone in the community should be civil towards each other, especially when we have a difference of opinion.
  • Exercise the use of LJ-CUTS.
    ↳ When posting a huge picture, screencap or too much text, please use an LJ-CUT. There are no set rules as to when you should use it, but you should just keep it in mind.

A F F I L I A T E S    C R E D I T S
The following communities are affiliated with Super Junior Global. If you'd like to be apart of our affiliates, please let any of the mods know and we will add you as soon as we can.

- supajunia      
- siwonchoi      
- heechulpetals      
- epik_high      
The following are credits to layouts, graphics, information, pictures, media, etc.

- SJfullhouse.net: General translated information
- Anne: Translating Korean information into English
- Bestiz: Korean information & pictures
- Karen: Profile codes
- Refuted: Community layout